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Kemper Baptist Church

Located at Kemper. Organized in 1888 as Mt. Horeb Baptist
Church at Gall Bush Schoolhouse, approximately one mile southwest of the present
site, under the leadership of Stinson Ivey and the first pastor, John Connerly.
Charter members included George W. Meares, George W. Elvington, Alfred
Elvington, James R. Mears, Sallie Meares, L.E. Meares, Hannah F. Elvington and
Martha Elvington.

In 1904, the church moved to the new village of Kemper, constructed a
building on land donated by C.P. Hayes and L.C. McNealey, and changed its name
to the Kemper Baptist Church.

During its early years , the church had cooperated with Mullins
and Nichols in calling a pastor but after 1898 formed a field with Piney Grove,
Fork, and Bermuda churches which continued until 1956. On March 2, 1975, the
beautiful church and 50 percent of the adjacent educational building were
destroyed by fire. On August 17, 1975, the new building was completed.

 Sunday School 9:45 AM

 Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 AM

 Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 PM

 Wednesday Evening Worship 7:00 PM 





Pastor Haywood Proctor